Private Gender Clinics – Services & Prices

This page lists information about private gender clinics in the UK and the costs of their services. You can use the table of contents below to find information about a specific clinic. We also have a page detailing private gender clinic services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most private gender clinics in the UK have a price per consultation. They each have a different required frequency and purpose of consultations, which makes it hard to compare prices. The exception is GenderGP, which has a monthly subscription cost and much lower consultation prices. However, while other clinics will provide NHS prescriptions, GenderGP cannot guarantee this unless a GP is willing, so with them you may also have to pay for blood tests and hormone prescriptions. A price comparison between services will depend on what you need from a private gender clinic and how supportive your GP is. In general, if you are planning to be with a private provider in the short-term (i.e. while waiting for an impending GIC appointment) GenderGP’s model is likely to be cheaper; if you are likely to be with private provider in the long-term then the others’ models are likely to be cheaper, especially if you do not have a supportive NHS GP.

We recommend checking for reviews of private gender clinics, where you can also find independent information on costs.

All information provided here is from a team of volunteers. We are not paid for this work and we are not professionals, but we are all trans people with personal experience of the healthcare system in the UK. We do our best to keep this up-to-date.  If you have corrections or questions, email transhealthuk[at]

This page was last revised on 21/04/2020.


Table of Contents:


Your GP


Consultation (1 hour) £250





Set up fee up to £195
Counselling/ Therapy (Assessment and Support) up to £65
Consultation (e.g. for treatment plans) up to £80
Blood Tests varies/ free if done by GP
Medication £20+ per month / free if prescribed by GP
Monthly fee £30 (only until GP agrees to take over care)
Letters and Reports varies





Initial assessment fee £250-£450
Follow up assessments £140-£170
Written Reports included in assessment fee, but £50 for any additional reports
Diagnostic adult autism assessments £950
Counselling/Therapy £120-£200 per session
Gender Recognition specialist reports £150- £300
Language Therapy £140-165 per session



Northern Gender Network


Initial assessment with clinical report £300
Follow up assessment £150
Extended assessment (4 x 1 hour sessions) £900
Recommendation for surgery £150
Therapy £195 per session
Supervision to other gender specialists £195
Letter for changing gender marker in passport free for existing service users
Report for gender recognition certificate free for existing service users



London Transgender Clinic


Consultation with psychologist £300 – £500
Initial consultation for HRT £300
HRT follow-up consultations £100


Kelly Psychology (under 18s)


Assessment (includes reports, estimates 4-6 needed for diagnosis/prescription, available in person or on Zoom) £200
Psychological support appointment £150

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