COVID-19 & Private Clinics

This page lists information about private gender clinics in the UK and their services in relation to COVID-19. You can use the table of contents below to find information about a specific clinic.

We recommend checking for reviews of private gender clinics, where you can also find independent information on costs. We have a page detailing private gender clinic costs and services.

All information provided here is from a team of volunteers. We are not paid for this work and we are not professionals, but we are all trans people with personal experience of the healthcare system in the UK. We do our best to keep this up-to-date. If you have corrections or questions, email transhealthuk[at]

This page was last revised on 17/08/20.

Table of Contents:


Your GP


  • Remaining open with restrictions: no face-to-face appointments unless absolutely necessary; all other appointments via phone
  • Reduced hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 5pm
  • No medicals, cosmetics, travel or other non-essential appointments
  • 3+ months wait, likely to increase





  • They are able to prescribe alternatives to injections like nasal spray blockers and Testosterone gel for their service users using online pharmacies
  • They are able to arrange blood tests to be done privately through a finger prick test sent in the post for service users
  • As they are already a remote service, they are doing appointments as usual
  • They are taking new patients; people who already have NHS reports/assessments can be enrolled into their care quicker
  • No official wait data, but they seem to be the quickest provider





  • All assessments are being carried out remotely by video call
  • They are taking new patients, but there is a chance that some clinicians will be redeployed to help with the crisis, slowing down waiting times
  • While they can provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment, the actual treatment process (like starting hormones or surgery) depends on primary and secondary healthcare providers like GPs, so starting treatment might be delayed 
  • 2-3 months wait, likely to increase
  • We have heard from patients that while it is a 3 month wait to diagnostic appointments, it can be a further 8 months after that to then getting an endocrinologist appointment for a prescription.



Northern Gender Network


  • Clinical services continue to be offered via telephone or video call
  • 1.5+ month wait, likely to increase



London Transgender Clinic


  • All appointments via Skype; essential post-surgery appointments continue at 54 Wimpole Street or Hatfield Hospital
  • Taking new patients
  • Offering a free injection and implant clinic for patients with a prescription who cannot access these from their GP: contact 0207 487 0910 or for further information or to arrange.


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